Monday, 14 October 2013

Superheroes for SFX Magazine

I was recently asked to come up with 3 designs for an article in this month's SFX magazine to illustrate the perils of how superheroes would fair in the real world. This was a fantastic opportunity and luckily they were pleased with what I came up with! I have a lot of graphic design stuff in the shops already but this is the first illustration work to see the commercial light of day, so I'm especially proud. As always as soon as it's published I see improvements I could have made but that's all part of it.

Christmas Bunting for Urban Outfitters

I was lucky enough to visit the Urban Outfitters HQ in foggy London town (no fog, thoroughly disappointed).

We talked about bunting and I got to design a set for this coming Christmas. It's great that my design is now being sold there, but it was a learning curve in profit margins and compromise.

My original design (right) was to have a letter per flag, using a gold pantone and red felt for the main body of the letter. Needless to say the cost of having about 20 different flag designs (one for each letter) was too high, and we settled on the whole phrase squeezed onto a single flag and repeated. Not ideal but definitely a worthwhile sacrifice to be in such a cool shop!

If you'd like to buy some, visit here; (warning, swear words lie within).

Urban Outfitters Bunting

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Cutout Cowboy

Since I work with packaging nets so much at work I thought it would be good to apply it to something a bit more fun. Fitting onto a single A3 sheet, Cutout Cowboy is easy to put together with a pair of scissors and some pritt stick. I hope to do more things like this in my spare time.

Family Guy Range

As the biggest fan in the office I was asked to work with Fox on a new Family Guy merchandise range. I had some issues with the choice of phrases as I felt ones from actual episodes would be more successful, but after a lot of discussion with the LA department I managed to swing 'Where's my Money, Man?' onto the money tin, perfect! To the right is a shot of the product at the NEC Spring Fair 2013.

You can watch the clip here;

Where's My Money, Man?

Pick Me Up

This was one of the first ranges I got to work on after joining my new company.

It was great to be a part of such a cool idea and I'm glad to see it still selling well. I hope we can expand on this one day as there's so much potential.

Clients:  Debenhams, Independent retailers

In Service

Concepts for a new range based on the working class of the early 1900's. I wanted it to be predominantly text based yet still aesthetically pleasing. Needless to say that research into this project left me very appreciative of my job!


A friend of mine asked me to create her a Logo and temporary charity website for her final degree project. As she suffers from Lupus and Arthritis she wanted to create a competition for kids in the same boat. The children sent in their best alien drawings and the winner received an Ipad. It was great to be a part of something like this.

Creation of the logo as 2 children raising hands together came from numerous sketches before the eureka moment!

Greetings Card

Just a small illustration for the ball 'n chain. Felt good to get back into using my graphics tablet and working with Photoshop and work's always quite Illustrator heavy. Everything always feels a bit plastic when it's all vectors.

I'd be happy to use this as a potential greetings card one day, maybe once I've completed more. Definitely a theme I could expand on.

Seaside Range

Concepts for a Seaside range for Summer 2013. Don't worry they're decapitated for a reason! The idea is that all chosen products (ponchos, towels, windbreakers etc.) will have these illustrations on so that it will look as if the person wearing them will have a hilarious stereotype cartoon body, much like the wooden paintings with head holes that you find on holiday. If this goes ahead it will be for NEXT exclusively.

Clients: NEXT

Where's Wally BHS Exclusive

Mocked up complete Where's Wally range for BHS. I've loved Where's Wally since I was a kid it was a great honour to be asked to create the merchandise. Not too much creative freedom with the style guide but this shows the kinds of things I have to make out of card sometimes!

Clients: BHS exclusive

Private Detective

Business card and Logo design for a private investigator. The logo comprises of the initials creating the film noir style detective in the negative space. When I discovered this during my sketching process I knew it had to be! The client was very pleased with the solution.

Popout Maps

A small merchandise range for Pop out Maps, specifically for London based retailers. There is actually a Walton Street in London, and I made sure it found it's way onto each product!

Clients: Independent retailers

Moustache Grooming Kit

Concepts for a moustache grooming kit and mug for NEXT exclusively. This guy didn't end up going ahead but it was great to try a different spin and set us apart from the competition whilst the moustache trend was hot.

Clients: NEXT

Britain's National Drink

I was the art worker for this lovely range produced to tie in with all the patriotism surrounding the Jubilee, real happy with the final range as we got to use gold Pantones!

Some of the most intricate vectors I've ever had to draw, but sold in many different stores around the country, I still get excited when I bump into one of my own products in a shop.

Clients: Debenhams, Independent retailers.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Ring of Fire Cards Complete!

After many sleepless nights the Ring of Fire pack is finally complete. I recieved my first 15 orders just from saying they were finished on my Facebook status, and then had to take it off so I could catch up again!

Ended up doing 50 limited edition packs before approaching Tobar (Hawkin's Bazaar) with a mind to find a mass producer.

Clients: Hawkin's Bazaar